Tuesday, February 3, 2015

About Me

Hey everyone! I'm Sam and I am 26 years old, currently living in Grain Valley, MO. I am an Alumni of the University of Central Missouri with a bachelor's in Psychology. I've lived in Missouri my entire life. I am a Domestic Engineer and CEO at Skrljac Enterprises. Yes, I raise little humans full time! That includes my charming 2 year old son, Silas, and my sassy 10 month old daughter, Miss Nora Jean.

I love to laugh, I'm open minded, I love to be around people, and try new things. I'm silly, random, and don't hold much back. I like things my own way, to be the one in charge, and I plan everything! I own a beautiful home with my soon to be husband. Joey and I met through a mutual friend. He loves to play soccer, fish, and basically dabble in a little bit of everything. He works as a machinist and has a huge passion for his loved ones.

Joey is my best friend. He keeps me grounded and keeps me true. Some would say he is sarcastic and hard to read. That may be true but I happen to adore those qualities. We both have an odd sense of humor. We are both very bold, stubborn, and outspoken.Our relationship has a very playful dynamic but that is what makes us so unique. More importantly, it works for us.

We usually disagree on pretty much anything that has to do with anything but one thing we are both certain of is our love for our kids. Our son is almost 2 year old, and his name is Silas. Silas is my entire world. Nothing really matters much as long as my son is happy. He is obsessed with Cars, eats like a bird, terrorizes his baby sister, he is kind, silly, bright, and loves to show off. There is NO love like the one a son has for his mommy.

Nora Jean is 10 months old, and how we created two blonde hair, blue eyed babies has me puzzled. She was a surprise to say the least, but it is impossible to imagine life without our little NJ. It seems odd that a baby would be your best friend, but I feel like she has completed me. She was the missing piece to our puzzle, and damn did she fit perfectly. She is sassy, full of spunk, and will wrap you tightly around your finger before you can blink. She is the glue that holds us all together. 

At the end of the day my family comes first and I'm proud to call them mine. My love for this little 
klan I have created is indescribable, and certainly makes my life thus far a success.

Now that you basically know me; A blog was an idea I had because Joey kept telling me to get a hobby. I have a lot to say so what better way than to blog about it. I am a brutally honest person. I like to share my opinions, have debates, and support topics I feel strongly about. And by support I actually mean tell everyone else why they are wrong. Ha! I always try to find the humor in EVERYTHING and since I think I'm hilarious you will probably be slapped with some sarcasm, sassiness, and even some raunchiness!

Expect to read about my own experiences, social situations, crafty projects I think I can pull off, and rants about my day, which be targeted at mommy's like me. Oh, and even daddy's! I plan on explaining the ruthless reality about being a mom of 2 under 2, starting my family, and trying to keep a "socialite" status. Yes, that is a joke. 

I hope that being open and mindful, I can inspire mother's to find their true self. I want to spread the vibe that you should be proud of everything you stand for as a parent. I hope I can truly comfort mom's, dad's, and anyone else who can relate to raising children. Know ahead of time, I'll talk topics that are disgusting. They will include; breastfeeding, puke, poop, not showering, men (very disgusting), and who knows what else.

Everyone has a story and I'm excited to start sharing mine. The struggles and the joys..!

I hope you all enjoy! Thanks for reading!